The characteristic fragrance and flavour of olive oil privilege it between all other vegetable oils and make it particularly appreciate to the palate.
- It has an highest digestibility, that stimulates the gastro-enteric secretions predisposing the organism to a better digestion;
- it supplies protection to the mucus membrane of the stomach. It has précis local emollient actions, that is to say protective, disinflamming and stimulating:

a) on the mucus membrane that cover the internal surface of the stomach and intestine;
b) on the liver for a greater production of bile;
c) on the gall bladder that supplies to pour the bile in the intestine;
d) on the pancreas for the production of greater quantity of digestive enzyme.

It is able of an affective protecting action towards the gastritis and the gastric ulcer:
- acts positively in the diseases of the biliary ways;
- assures to the body the just dose of linoleico acid;
- not stopes up the arteries and helps to contribute to reduce the cholesterol excess in the blood stimulating the biliary secretions;
- allows an elevated absorption of vitamins, particularly the vitamin E;
- carries out on the intestine an action of regulation of the peristalsis that can favourably be taken advantage in the atonic and spastic constipations of the irritable colon;
- particularly, it is adapted in the feeding of infancy for its acidic composition that renders it very close to the composition of fat in the maternal milk;
- in the senescence, when is frequent to observe the presence of disorder in the absorption with multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies, the olive oil is indicated for the easy digestibility that allows a better absorption of liposoluble vitamins and for the blandly laxative action that corrects the much frequent atonic constipation of this age;
- stands very well frying, because its critical temperature (of the molecular deformation) is 210-220°C approximately . It not modify, if not in minimal part, the own composition of fat acids also after a heat treatment of the duration of three hours to 200°C. The "generics" vegetables oils go encounter to the formation of peroxides and polymers that can provokes lesions to the liver, kidneys, stomach and the cardiovascular apparatus.

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