Ruffano is a city situated in province of Lecce, in the Murge Salentine, at 127 meters on the sea level, to 43 Km from the chief town and approximately 20 Km from the tip of the heel of that boot called Italy, called Cape S.Maria di Leuca.The rural district extends about for 38,82 Km2 , counts 9617 inhabitants and an important contribution for the business of this area has given from the procuction of olives, tobaccos, vegetables and fruits. Besides, there are, artisan and manufacturing company that works on striked iron, laces and artistic ceramics.
The origin of the name "Ruffano" is not sure: many think that drifts from the name of the centurione "Ruffo" which, under the Roman empire, this earth border was assigned.
From the fall of the Roman empire, Ruffano, with to all the Salento, from the V to XI the century, had to endure along period of wars and destruction to work of various people who alternated themselves in our peninsula. With the advent of the feudal era, and for the centuries to come, thanks to the governments of various noble families, which Ruffa, Column, Antoglietta, Falcons, Filomarino, Brancaccio and Ferrante, Ruffano knew a period of great lustre and prestige, that contributed also to a remarkable demographic development. Of these periods, important artistic testimonies are remained . The historical center of Ruffano, in fact, emanates a mysterious fascination, thanks to the straits alleys and the portal that show oneself on they, to the beautiful palaces and majestic the Parochial, to the Medioeval Castle, the Loggia Brancaccio, that joins the castle to the Matrix Church .


If you want to come makes visit us, you will be able to find profits these indications:

Arriving in Puglia from an other region, leave the freeway to Bari, following the indications for Brindisi-Lecce. After to have covered the tangential of Bari, feed the SS16 and to arrive until Lecce, cross, also here, the ring-road of Lecce, and resume the SS16 that connects Lecce to Leuca directly. Follow the traffic signs, go straight on the SS16 and leave its turning on direction of Montesano and from Montesano, before catching up Ruffano meets the center of the oil-mill.

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