Few kilometres from Lecce, in the territory around Ruffano, the land develops its force giving birth and maintenance to a lot of centuries-old olive trees, and, thanks to a lot of farmer's work, passion and experience which are united in the "Oleificio Cooperativo di Ruffano a r.l.", the heat and spontaneity of our land are directly transferred to the final product, our oil.

The "Oleificio Cooperativo di Ruffano a r.l." is established by 35 founder partners with deed, on 24 of july 1967. In 1970 the co-operative society purchases the soil, where, in 1972 ends building of the factory and starts the production for the partners. After a series of extension and modernize operations, the relevant results obtained, contributed to make an important point of reference in the field of olive-growing, for a final production of 5,400 quintals of oil. Of these, 1,500 quintals are constituted from extravergine oil employed for bottling and commercialisation.

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